Where are your leads?

What if you build it... and no one comes?
LaunchBuzz is 1-click lead generator, no forms, no input needed, keep your leads in our system or send them to autoresponder of your choice.

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Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch

Most important thing when launching new product is email list. Majority of businesses collect leads through email opt-in forms, which no-no way to do it, because only <5% of visitors actually submit such forms.

Our way is collecting emails from social networks. You lock a link with certain social network, and we'll give you a new link to share, that's it. When someone clicks on that link, social network will ask him to share email with us.

See how it works

Process is super simple.


Everything for Lead Generation in One App

Take control over lead generation with our tools

Selection of social networks
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google we'll keep adding them.
Integrate with autoresponders
Mailchimp, SparkPost, Mailgun, Aweber, Sendlane, or custom.
Built-in analytics
Track opens, clicks, conversions directly from our system. You can connect with GA and track certain events.
Facebook Pixel
Install Facebook pixel and create audiences for campaigns.
Export data
You can export your leads and do whatever you like with them, you own your data.
See what's working and use it often.
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